Central Hypothesis:

Individual and collective complex problems can be solved, sometimes surprisingly rapidly, by accessing an altered state of consciousness.

While the Foundation aims at testing the hypothesis in various fields, the focus for the first four years is on mental health and in particular on the relation between depression and consciousness.

Fact: About 50% of depressed people respond neither to psychiatry nor to medication.

The mental health project aims at a better understanding of consciousness and at finding passages, techniques and natural therapeutics that will contribute to public health by improving life quality of millions of persons.

Altered states of consciousness(ASC) improved comprehension is the heart of our research.

Recent research tends to show that ASC can lead to increased psychological and cognitive flexibility.

By introducing a powerful experience that shifts awareness into a broader perspective, it is possible to free the mind and enhance more positive feelings and mood.

Such powerful shifts contribute to break typical self-referencing and rumination of negatives thoughts.

Substance induced ASC -have recently been shown to be potentially efficient-  in a number of severe mental-health disorders.

Our own research is focused on other natural methods. 

Second Hypothesis: 

Persons having a strong will/faith to recover might recover (or recover faster).

If this hypothesis is correct, that would be an indication that research must also understand how to induce this will.

We believe that free will/agency/sense of possibility is this healing pre-condition. Sense of impossibility and diminished sense of freedom might worsen mental disorders. 

We attempt to identify and develop methods/techniques that can accelerate this sense of possibility (to heal) in depressed persons.                                                Feelings and overall perception can be modulated. 

While our research is symbolically related to quantum mechanics and anchored in neurosciences, we are also strongly relating to phenomenology, spirituality, cognitive/behaviorial science, genetics and epigenetics.

The Foundation is governed by Swiss laws and its management is based in Geneva, Switzerland.